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What is a S****y Riot Shield?


New Edition of Yellow Shields ready

open edition of gold glitter shields limited stock POA

glitter gold 1

A small number of SRS GLITTER shields have been released by

these shields are prototypes and APs for


( they are not from Dismaland )

in total there are x 11 APs

POWER TO THE PEOPLE from jimmy cauty on Vimeo.

S****y Riot Shields

if you have acquired a Smiley Riot Shield at the Banksy Dismaland gift shop here is some additional information

Jimmy Cauty made the first Smiley Riot Shields in 2012 for the Occupy St Pauls eviction

since 2013 the artist has painted over 400 shields and released them in many editions

the Dismaland editions are marked

SRS X DL1  ( edition of 60 plus 10 APs ) 67cm diameter

SRS X DL2  ( edition of 40 plus 10 APs ) 60cm diameter

All shields are appropriated UK police riot shields, meaning they have been used by the police in actual riots or riot training

All the shields are hand painted by the artist and his assistants

Acrylic and emulsion on polycarbonate

Caring for your shield. do not clean off the marks on the front of the shield as these are actual battle scars and add to the provenance, all shields are roughly made in the North of England so parts might fall off from time to time. All shields are slightly different as they are all hand painted. It is not a crime to own a smiley riot shield unless you are using it in a riot, in which case you will probably be arrested and the shield will be confiscated. Over time your shield may increase or decrease in value depending on the artistic status of James Cauty and or Banksy, keep the certificate of authenticity in a safe place just in case you decide to sell your shield in the future, remember without the certificate the shield is just a worthless piece of plastic.