A RIOT IN A JAM JAR is a ongoing project by Jimmy Cauty started in 2011

The work consists of 1:87 scale models that are usually displayed in Jam Jars.

From time to time and in support of the Aftermath Dislocation Principle

riots in jam jars will be for sale through the usual outlets.


JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--6 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--7 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--8 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--9 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--5 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--2 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--3 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES--4 JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES- JCauty-RiotJar-2-26May2015-LOWRES-2 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5661 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5520 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5526 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5570 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5490 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5499 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5508 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5457 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5463 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5477 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5442 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5429 JCauty-RiotJar-0-26May2015-LOWRES-5433

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“These ‘small world re-enactments’ depict past and future riots, reality blurred, all within a jam jar. The jam jar represents containment, violent disturbances served up in manageable doses like news bulletins; complex situations reduced to mantle piece ornaments and souvenirs.“In real life riot situations, the media focus is always on the sensation, violence on the tv screen; tag lines and one-liners are the currency. The works in A Riot in a Jam Jar mimic this tv news approach. They focus on, and amp up, situations for instant consumption. These tiny acts of violence serve as snap shots of a greater and vastly more complex reality.”






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