Over a diverse and productive anti-career Cauty has distinguished himself by somehow coming up with at least one must-have-counter-culture-design-classic or logo per decade, we are not sure what he does the rest of the time.

l;ist 2

Cauty works closly with the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop to develop projects both ambitious and diminutive, make prints & other artwork editions and convert impractical artistic visions to reality.

current touring projects
A dystopian 1:24 scale model village high rise housing estate, consisting of 4 abandoned tower blocks, housed in a 40ft shipping container currently on tour
Cauty has documented the tower block 2 year design and build process here
A dystopian 1:84 scale model city scape, housed in a 40ft shipping container currently on tour
to contact jimmy about ESTATE or THE ADP RIOT TOUR L-13@l-13.org

to contact jimmy about making a model village sophie@L-13.org

to contact jimmy about the KLF or the JAMs cally@antar.cc

to contact jimmy about MuMufication L-13@L-13.org

to contact jimmy about buying a S****y Riot Shield bird@misspokeno.com

to contact jimmy about anything else info@jamescauty.com

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